About the Southern Sudanese Children’s Literacy Foundation

The Southern Sudanese Children’s Literacy Foundation (SSCLF) has formed a society to provide the resources for its members to meet in a friendly and social setting to further our goals and objectives:

  • To improve the quality of life in the villages of southern Sudan in which children and families live through a network of community centres and community schools that become hubs of their communities and offer both adults and children opportunities for enriching activities such as native language and ESL classes, and technology centres.
  • The centres and schools also offer medical, dental and mental health services, social services and full ranges of educational and recreational programming.
  • To raise money to provide for the basic education for the girls and boys, and to educate young people about safe sex, importance of health and local agriculture in southern Sudan, particularly in Budi county.

Even though SSCLF members are scattered all over North America and Africa, they are all working together to ensure that the goals for which SSCLF was formed will be achieved. SSCLF goals will be to address issues of illiteracy, gender and providing basic services to the children and families in Southern Sudan.

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